The Welcome Book is one of the most essential amenities you can provide in your vacation rental, but it can be time-consuming and labour-intensive to produce.

But do not worry!  ALL the work has been already done for YOU!

One of the reasons why guests decide to stay in a vacation rental rather than in a hotel is because it provides a more personal experience and gives them the opportunity to live like a local. That said, and to keep your guests happy and excited to come back, it’s important to create a welcoming space and show them that you are a thoughtful host.

Your guests chose to stay in a vacation rental in no small part because they wanted a more personal experience. They wanted to visit local shops and restaurants, check out the local attractions, and walk through the neighbourhood to the grocery store just like locals do.

Your welcome book is going to help them do all of that and more. That’s why we’re walking you through everything you should include in one which we can produce for you.

Having Digital Welcome Book is hugely beneficial for your vacation rental business.

All H&G Welcome Books are search engine friendly and follow best practices for SEO. We automatically submit your Welcome Book to search engines and we support on-page optimization to ensure your Welcome Book shows up in search results.

Digital Welcome books make it easy for your guests to make full use of your property. If there’s no obvious resource for figuring out how to use the TV remote, they may get frustrated. When they know there are instructions for just about everything in the welcome book, they’ll be likely to check there first and avoid that frustration altogether – giving them a much more pleasant and stress-free stay.

Welcome books also cut out the guesswork of deciding where to eat or what to visit. Your guests won’t have to try three mediocre restaurants before finding a great one – you can send them to the best meal of their stay right out of the gate! You’ll get the credit not only for providing your guests with a wonderful place to stay, but for all the wonderful experiences they had in your area.

Finally, welcome books let your guests know you care about the quality of their stay. Your personal recommendations and advice on how to make the best use of your property give your guests the friendly engagement they’re looking for while protecting the personal space they were seeking when they chose a vacation rental.

There are lots of benefits for you as an owner, too. Your guests are likely to reward your thoughtfulness with great reviews, you’ll get fewer questions during your guests’ stay, and you’ll be sending business to your favourite local shops and restaurants, ensuring they thrive!


What is a Digital Welcome Book?

Welcome Book is a compilation of resources that your guests might find helpful, such as information about the property and local area. It’s about anticipating any potential problems or issues, give comprehensive instructions and make sure every point is helpful for your guests.

All your content is stored in one single online location. Under personal link address (like a website). You then share your guest welcome book by sending guests a link (they don’t need to sign up or download an app!) You can also print that content.

H&G team packages that content in an easy and beautiful form.

When it comes to the format, it can be digital or paper. Just keep in mind that your content should reflect your property, be informative.

The best thing about a Digital Welcome Book? It tells your guests that you are a thoughtful host who cares about the quality of their stay, which might result in positive reviews and fewer phone calls with questions during your guests’ stay.


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