When any guest arrives at a rental property they will need information to make their stay a memorable one. Many of your guests will never have visited your area before and therefore need help to navigate around both your home and local area.

Wi-Fi login details, local restaurants, the nearest beach, TV instructions, bars, check-out time – the list is almost endless.

You may well provide a good check-in experience but as soon as you’re gone, there’s every chance that a guest will forget and could end up phoning you at a very unsociable hour.

Put yourself in the shoes of your guest. They want to feel secure. They want to know how everything works. They want to know which are the best restaurants or bars to visit. By providing a comprehensive guestbook your guest will feel happy from the start.

Digital Welcome Guest Books

Many hosts still provide a paper welcome book with guest information. This is fine however these can easily go missing or get damaged very quickly and only can be seen or arrival.

Digital holiday home welcome book provide more security as guests can, on occasion, take physical information out of the property and potentially leave sensitive information in the hands of others.

Guests can access all of the relevant information on their mobile device. This can be in the form of a  link or PDF.

The owner or property managers need only send a URL link to the guest prior to arrival where all of the relevant information is accessible in the palm of their hand.

Useful Guest Information Ideas

Having detailed information in your Digital  Welcome Book can save you significant time in answering questions during the guests’ stay.

Here is our suggested checklist of what to include in yours.

Quality Pictures

Before grabbing your camera, walk around your house and imagine how it looks to people who don’t live there.

Remember pictures say more than words!

  1. Tour your own house like a guest
  2. Choose the best day and time to shoot
  3. Make a clean sweep outside
  4. Undo that ‘lived-in’ look
  5. Let in the light
  6. Shoot from the right spot
  7. Avoid odd angles

Pro tip: If you’re shooting with a smartphone (although we really, really recommend using a high-quality digital camera)

Recommended image size for Digital Welkom Book is (1400 × 952-pixel)

Before Arrival

  1. Property address
  2. Directions (from airport, train station, bus stop, etc)
  3. Local transport & timetables (check for changes to timetables every 6 months)
  4. Nearest free and paid parking
  5. Check-in, Check-out times
  6. Gaining access to the property (key collection, meeting place, key box or door lock entry codes)
  7. Property manager contact details

Property Information

  1. Welcome message
  2. Owner or manager introduction
  3. Responsible tourism statement
  4. Wi-Fi login details (network name / password or key)
  5. House rules (noise, pool hours, parking restrictions, towels to remain in property, etc)
  6. TV & DVD operating instructions
  7. Remote control information and instructions
  8. Location of replacement batteries for remote controls, smoke alarms, etc.
  9. Heating device instructions
  10. Air conditioning and thermostat instructions
  11. Washing machine / laundry instructions
  12. Wood burner instructions
  13. Hot tub instructions
  14. BBQ instructions
  15. Full inventory
  16. What must not be flushed down a toilet
  17. Instructions for tripped electricity switches and location of fusebox
  18. Location of iron, ironing-board and hair-dryer
  19. Security reminders (double locks, window grilles, etc)
  20. Refuse (nearest bins)

House Rules

  1. Smoking policy
  2. Pet policy
  3. Quiet hours
  4. Suitable or not for children
  5. Complex/Community Rules


  1. Location of first-aid kit
  2. Location of stopcock, fire extinguisher, gas valves and smoke alarms
  3. Fire evacuation procedure
  4. Emergency contact details for nearest doctor, hospital, dentist, pharmacy, vet (if you allow pets), local police, translators and consulates

Local Attractions

  1. Map of local and regional area
  2. Nearest bus stop, tram stop or train station
  3. Local attractions, highlight, day-trips, activities and ticket information
  4. Best local restaurant recommendations (cuisine nationality, family-friendly, dog-friendly, vegan, vegetarian)
  5. Take away menus and phone numbers
  6. Best local bars
  7. Events
  8. Best walks
  9. Nearest supermarkets, shops
  10. Nearest taxi rank(s) and taxi company number
  11. Nearest ATM
  12. Nearest post office
  13. Bike hire
  14. Local phrases (depending upon local language)

Upon Departure

  1. Check-out times
  2. Locking doors and widows and where to leave keys (if host not available)
  3. Refuse instructions
  4. Cleaning dishes instructions
  5. Bedding instructions
  6. Towel instructions
  7. Luggage storage
  8. Review request (on your website, Google or listing site)

Examine your Welcome Book every 6 months to check if anything needs to be updated.

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